Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Visit from the Rees Family: Day #1

Kyle and I were so excited to welcome my sister Katie and her family to our home this past April for a six day visit. They were such good sports to drive 13+ hours and then camp out in our two bedroom apartment with three kids. We had a blast exploring Connecticut together and we made so many good memories.

Day #1: New Haven, CT

When the Rees' were planning their trip, I made the suggestion to visit the Pez Factory just outside of New Haven because I thought my nephews would love the idea...little did I know that my brother-in-law Chris has been a Pez aficionado since he was little! Combine this with the fact that every visitor gets a free Pez machine and I think the suggestion was a huge success.

Chris with baby Ellie, Rowan, and Davin

Rowan, Kyle, Davin, me

This awesome wall has every Pez machine ever made
Where they make 'um
Where they sell 'um
We drove into New Haven after and took a driving tour of the city before stopping at the Yale University Art Gallery for a snack break and a view of the fantastic art.

Too much time in the car?...

I'm not sure what his excuse is...

Yale Center for British Art
View of Yale Campus from the museum
Rowan really took to the impressionistic art I think...
Our hungry tummies took us next to Wooster Street to dine at Frank Pepe's and Libby's Pastries. Our tummies were not disappointed!

Pizza at Frank Pepe's
Cannolis at Libby's

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  1. What a fun trip! I love seeing your pictures too. I'll have to grab a few for my book. Especially the one of Kyle and his peas. Without a don't the one of Kyle and his peas. :)